The tutorials presented on this website are partly based on two other tutorials, whereby mod_perl, PostgreSQL, GD, PDFLib and some notes were added. Therefore, I would like to thank Jörg Baach and Olaf Klein who saved me a lot of work. :)

Special thanks to all those who mailed me about bugs and typos.


One of the tutorials which mine are based on. It was written by Jörg Baach and includes modules for image editing.

The other tutorial which mine are based on. It was written by Olaf Klein and was very helpful.


A very useful tool if you do not like to work on the console directly. You should consider to choose a good password, to limit access to one IP or to start Webmin from the console only when you need it.


One should know how to make selects or to delete and add entries in the MySQL console, but however, PhpMyAdmin can save you a lot of time.


JpGraph is an library for PHP 4.1 (or higher). It makes it easy to draw quick graphs with a minimum of code and complex professional graphs which requires a very fine grain control.


PHPLib is a Library (LGPL) which provides many useful functions to access different database systems as well as functions that simplify programming, especially regarding templates.

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